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Dreams by Notsun Dreams :iconnotsun:Notsun 11 20 Whaat..... by Notsun Whaat..... :iconnotsun:Notsun 3 9 ''A magical film for kids and grownups alike... by Kosperry ''A magical film for kids and grownups alike... :iconkosperry:Kosperry 7,962 1,115 Leshansaurus qianweiensis by PaleoGuy Leshansaurus qianweiensis :iconpaleoguy:PaleoGuy 144 0 A Broken Heart by zolars A Broken Heart :iconzolars:zolars 157 28 Ka'Zahr, the Luck-Thief by Demon6K Ka'Zahr, the Luck-Thief :icondemon6k:Demon6K 3 1
King Justin defends his keep 3 vs 6
Yup another ESO vid.  XD What can I say, King Justin is dominating out there lately and moments like this are too glorious to not share!
:icongneiss-chert:Gneiss-chert 1 17
Eureka and Raera RP Spell-slinging tutorial
Raera: *She was having a splendid time watching the TV in the basement of Eureka's shop, Change of Pace, kicking her feet up and pressing buttons on the remote. The Khajiit yawned but was desperate for something to watch.*
(OH. Mind explaining the entertainment station in detail? The room?  Does Eureka use cable, HULU, or Netflix?  Consoles? Wii?!)
(Her consoles are in her room in the ceiling mounted tv minus a steam machine hookup in both rooms. ;3 And are you really trying to say she has Inter-dimensional HULU? xD)
*The room in question was the living room. The entertainment center itself was made of well sanded dark wood. Most of it's shelves were below as the Tv was quite large. Dvds, books, PS4 and several other things were stored there. Due to the room's size the couch was more off to the side of the Entertainment center so moving to the kitchen would not be a problem. A lot of the walls had shelves of small knicknacks or kee
:iconthemuse4444:TheMuse4444 1 0
Souless and Milah
*Shortly after the duo duel with King Justin against Milah And Souless...*
*The wounds on the smaller mage were generally treated. Milah carried him, unconscious back to the room above the inn in Stormhold. Souless hood fell back a bit and, if she looked, there was a softer look on him then he ever gave awake. It was easier to tell that he was younger than 20. But his scars, scale tone, among maturity and prowess made it difficult to pinpoint.*
*She breathes a heavy sigh.*
"You're so much like me when I was younger. Not that I got much better about it..."
*She sits next to him and begins to heal what she could before Ajaton returned.*
"I always wonder if you can even hear me when I speak at times...and Milah you're talking to an unconscious person again."
*She works on a bandage or two gently.*
"I wonder a lot of things about you. Mostly I hope you can't hear right now...just be okay got it?"
:iconthemuse4444:TheMuse4444 1 0
Notsy's Adventure
*Eureka was reviewing her notes for what felt like the thirtieth time. Nessrean entered after knocking after her asking for his assistance.*
"Thank you for coming."
Nessrean: "Aheh, certainly. What did you need Eureka?"
*He stood at attention, hands behind his back as he shut the door behind him and waited for whatever she needed.*
*She moved from behind her counter her gaze lingering on her notes for another moment before facing him.*
"Do you remember when I once mentioned some people's consent can be blocked by another unknown being's consent? I believe you have such a block. As for why that is important I've crafted a spell to attempt contact as a form of scry. Would you like to try it? If you don't have something like that the spell will simply cancel."
Nessrean: "Have such a block? What is, there a particular person there? Like the King?"
:iconthemuse4444:TheMuse4444 1 0
Time for more madness in the world of Elder Scrolls! Speaking of how many of you want to watch me live stream game play?
:icongneiss-chert:Gneiss-chert 5 14
Kingdom Hearts - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim World by Vitor-Aizen Kingdom Hearts - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim World :iconvitor-aizen:Vitor-Aizen 119 24 The Light in the Dark by BloodAngel28 The Light in the Dark :iconbloodangel28:BloodAngel28 22 18 Super princess Stick by Skitamine Super princess Stick :iconskitamine:Skitamine 6 22

Hi diddly ho neighborinos

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 20, 2017, 11:24 PM
Whoa. Its been sometime since Ive been back to dA. Glad to see more faces, good friends and of course...SO MUCH NEW ART!!!
Seriously, you people are amazing :heart: So proud to see you all supporting each other and inspiring people with your art :heart:

Sorry for buggering off for a super long time. But my family was apart of politics in our small community.
It didnt go very well when people tried to tear my family and myself to pieces. It wasnt pretty and I witnessed how terrible, vile and cruel people could be in my own community. Such cruel words in person and on their hate pages on facebook. That was incredibly hard to listen to being bullied by young and old either at home, work and in the street.
But there is no sense dwelling on it further. It wont do anyone any good and the sun will still come out tomorrow. 
Not sure what is going to happen at one of my jobs but lets not go there either.

During my hiatus, I complained (even more then I should have) to a few close friends but it was clear how it wasnt helping anyone. Ugh. It is NOT fun to take a step back to realize how much of a downer you really are. Its hard to apologize to those people but friends don't deserve that either. 

So lately been depressed as hell. Games that used to bring me excitement arent fun anymore. Like ESO since it was my number one turn to game for the people and stories to be told. Then that changed. There was a time when it didnt bother me when people were ticked off about ESO... But something changed and every time I log onto the game its all I can hear in the background is the negativity. So much negativity! Repeating every stinking minute. Blah. No fun and no fair cause a few friends tell me there are some fun adventures to be had back in Morrowind. 
The game used to be my escape zone to mellow out from the bs of reality.
Though change is hard. It was about time to change things up a bit. Maybe its good to step back from everything else to find a new comfort zone.  

But now I asked myself what I could use to get me out of the slump... Funny how my OC Crystal-La popped up. I miss my hotheaded nordish argonian. Wonder what the heck she's been up to or what friend she has wrapped around her arm this time? 

All and all. Glad to be back but sorry to realize the number of birthdays I missed. So much art and art that went by. It isnt fair to all of you but hey! I'll get to it :heart:
Thank you all for sticking around! And thank you if you just arrived!
To many more adventures ^.=.^

Just starting to rebuild myself and to stop being distant from people. Time to get back into being a team player. It will take time but it will give me time to chat and look over your art :heart:


Back and will be drawing and or rping again soon. Dont hold grudges even when it comes to politics.

Funny how this familiar gent popped up when things were looking grim
Advice from a liar please click on the link ----> M'aiq the liar screenshot

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Since I am from a small community in the northwest territories of Canaduh, its hard to find others who share the same tastes in artwork as I do but thats why dA exists Boo-yah! Love to draw and to checkout a variety of different artwork but my real passion is RP. Heads up, I know I am NOT an artist. I draw for fun and NOT to become an artist which suites me just fine. Though I always look forward to other people's talent...
Also when I RP my posts can be a LOT longer then a single sentence. Depending on the passion and the reply of the response. Its not really acceptable to most but I find it thrilling to the amount of meat added to the response.
Art... by prosaix Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Stamp by Skadi-r Paarthurnax Fan by Tae-Rai OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares OC Stamp by ChibiGem OC Stamp by MarikBentusi Im A Gamer not a gamergirl by Eyenoom Kingdom Hearts 2 Stamp by ViciousBlue Love. by Delmorii Amon amarth by old-mc-donald Metal fan stamp by deviantStamps Two Best Friends Play by P0SSUMS Beast Wars Stamp by SeishinKibou I :heart: Argonians Stamp by NicTheKitsune Tyrannical rule by TheLastCybertronian Companion Stamp by Chasing--Echoes Characters' Beliefs Stamps by Spikytastic Morrowind Stamp by Isriana The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion by AquaFugit TESV: Skyrim by Cloudemyx The Elder Scrolls Online Stamp by Isriana Villains Stamp by Spikytastic Critique vs Insult by Foedus-Stamps CHIBI Justin Stamp by Gneiss-chert SDS Stamp by Gneiss-chert I love Agar by Gneiss-chert Isis Stamp by BloodAngel28 Stamp 'Sora' by Sharquelle Stamp 'Aronansa' by Sharquelle Galena Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chert Seth Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chert Jade Star Stamp by BloodAngel28 :thumb271089694: Night-Time Stamp by Alex-MewMew Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir Arisdalian Royal Guard Badge by Gneiss-chert

ElderScrollsOnline: kayly101
Skype- Kayly101
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Other dA site- :iconwoksahnee:

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The Silver Dolphins Saga


:iconomgsocuteplz:…? :iconomgsocuteplz:

Been waiting so long for this book and its finally in my hands! So much YUS!!!

Check out the Summary for the first book of TSDS! :heart:
You will not be disappointed since its filled with OOMPH! Also with the OOMPH it is filled with feels.
Each character presented in TSDS has their own unique abilities with enchanting powers but not without their own flaws that the reader is able to connect with. The symbolism involved will have you connecting the story but there are many twists and turns that will leave you reading more. A refreshing storyline filled with creativity and connection to the readers

Official Summary for book oneDejected and afraid, Miral Akemi, a human girl with an unnatural ability to use water magic, struggles to fit in a world that both fears and rejects her.  With no place being safer or more tolerant, she remains on the Island of Delphi praying for change.
Prince Justin Arisdale has everything others desire; wealth, status, and power; however, something is missing from this young Velociraptor’s life.  The burden of his born duty, the hatred between humans and his fellow elder races, and his dangerous earth magic weigh heavily on his mind.
Life on the continent of Flourisha has been peaceful for thousands of years, despite the old wounds that humans bear from mistreatment in the past.  The gods have been silent even though prayers still resound; however, everything changed the day a prophet arrived with a dire warning for Miral.  With the rising sun of a new day, the unfathomable horrors of the prophecy descended upon the island leaving a trail of fear, distrust,

TSDS Book 1 Concept Final by Gneiss-chert

There are also tunes to checkout (The album helps out when you are going through a tough day or you are up for something sweet)

Check out the Fan Page


The Silver Dolphins Saga since 1996 Michele Scott Gneiss-chert :icongneiss-chert: , and ©Victoria Mummert. BloodAngel28 :iconbloodangel28: All rights reserved.

The two authors are incredibly lovely people. Don't be afraid to say hello or ask them their favorite color Ha!

The Lights of Justice: Justin and Agar by Gneiss-chert Welcome to Arisdale *edited once more* by Gneiss-chert

Justin Summer time outfit no shirt by Gneiss-chert Seth and Isis: Height Reference by BloodAngel28 Elementals of Light, Miral by Gneiss-chert

(Note! Not my art! Click on the image to visit their site!)


Check out the lovely new website for all sorts of good stuff!
Plenty of OOMPH to go around <3

What is your best way to take it easy after a long day? 

17 deviants said Grab your weapons and charge into the world of..*insert videogame title*
6 deviants said Grab a hug from loved one (includes imaginary friend)
5 deviants said *comment*
4 deviants said Glass of fav drink in hand and chill in your pyjamas
4 deviants said Lose yourself in your fav book
3 deviants said Pull up your sleeves and draw on! Rawr!
3 deviants said Snuggle up with the pet(s)
1 deviant said Meditate "Alllllllrighty theeeennnn" *Ace Ventura style*
1 deviant said Watch a scary movie to see others have it worse (unless you already have the boogyman chasing you. Then good luck!)
No deviants said Everyday is a new challenge so I welcome the challenge! Yoinks and away!



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